Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Dessert…”Fashionable Food”


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A Thyme to Cook applied it’s creativity to some fashionable creations for the runway. The fashion show was part of it’s recent Business After Hours/25 Year Anniversary Bash.

Just as you should start each day with breakfast, our fashion show began with a little snap, crackle and pop modeled by our own, Lexi. Her ensemble of “Breakfast” was made with a variety of cereal; colorful fruit loops and kix, and was accented with a blueberry necklace. “Careful with that milk Lexi”.

A queen with a three carrot tiara. A fresh harvest of kale provided the base of the dress for Holly, who modeled “Lunch”. Her outfit featured radishes, cucumbers, carrots and fresh red pepper flowers as part of its accessories.

Mia was sporting the “Dinner” look, an Au Couture of green and saffron rice, clam shells and New Zealand Mussels. Mia was heard saying “who knew Paella was an Asian Dish!”.

“Dessert” was brought to the runway by Stephanie. Coffee, tea bags, sugar packets, cookies and spun sugar made up her outfit for the finale. Stephanie’s hat weighed in at 4781 calories.

Thanks to DJ Doug for the lighting, runway and inspirational music!

Thanks to Gina for designing and producing a fun and entertaining show!

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