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Next July, our own Emily will be getting married. Needless to say, the office is a-buzz with ideas for her and her fiance, Brian. Over the next year, we thought it would be fun to follow her planning and experiences from her bridal point-of-view. Here is the first installment of Emily’s bridal blog….

Weddings, weddings, and more weddings! Working for A Thyme to Cook for the past nine years (both in the office and at events) has allowed me to see tons of weddings! It seems as if they are second nature to me! However, there is one wedding next July that will be unlike any other… because this time, I’ll be the bride!
Over the course of the next year, my fiancée and I get to make exciting decisions like picking out colors, rings, food, dresses, music, flowers…the list goes on! We thought we would share details of the planning process as our thoughts and ideas emerge.
One of our first decisions on our long list was choosing a photographer (of course, that was after I had an exhaustive search for a caterer….just kidding) We decided on Tim Brown, owner of TAB Photographic– a very enthusiastic photographer. We just had our engagement shoot this past month because we couldn’t wait to work with him! Although it felt awkward at first (trying to have an intimate moment while someone is watching you!), he made us feel extremely comfortable. In fact, at the end, I really didn’t mind the celebrity status! Here are some highlights from our shoot…

contact TAB Photographic tim@tabphotographic.com

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