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Having recently returned from the CaterArts symposium in Louisville, Kentucky, I have had some time to reflect on my experiences there. I was most amazed at how fellow culinarians can truly pull together. There was a very diverse group of chefs at the conference from all areas of catering from many different places in the United States and abroad. The one thing that stands out from my experience was how my fellow chefs “step up to the plate” and help one another. Helping to prep or plate one another’s food or being thrown together with a “mystery basket” and preparing multiple items in an hour. The creativity and teamwork shown was an example to chefs everywhere.
With interesting new ideas all around me, I enjoyed lots of great food and experiences to keep my passion for food fueled. I enjoyed touring a sustainable farm that not only produces vegetables, but beef as well. My waistline is still trying to return to normal! Cocktail parties, gala dinners, regional cuisine, decadent desserts…Wow. Think sour cream ice cream, crispy fried shrimp Diablo, pork belly corn dogs, a coconut tropical fruit verine, empanadas, croquettes ahhh the list goes on and on.
But alas as much as I like to travel and experience what the culinary world has to offer it’s good to be back where I am truly happiest. In the kitchen.

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