Happy Valentines Day!


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Think outside the candy box for Valentines Day!

Chocolates significance as a special gift dates back to the Aztecs; who presented cacao solids to the gods and consumed it only on very special occasions – hence it began to be seen as decadant and forbidden.
Chocolates association with Valentines Day conjurs up the vision of the infamous Russell Stover red paper heart box (which originated in 1888).
But Now!
We know dark chocolate is good for us. It’s loaded with antioxidents which helps to get rid of free radicals that do all kinds of nasty things to our bodies. Single origin chocolate is chocolate made with beans from one region (or sometimes one farm) which is why I’m savoring a chunk of Venezuelan Gran Saman with a glass of Jonathan Edwards Winery Napa Valley Dark – a port style wine. http://www.jedwardswinery.com
Here at A Thyme to Cook we are always cooking up crazy things with chocolate in our kitchen…tofu & chocolate??? It works! Come back for more great ideas in a couple of days

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