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January is supposed to be the ‘slow’ month for New England caterers!? This time of year we develop new menus, establish new guidelines, policies, and training manuals, repair and rejuvenate equipment, brainstorm new ideas, conduct tastings, and attend to details that can NOT wait til the last minute—especially since we are all Type –A freaks and don’t like surprises. The New Year is also crunch time for the International Caterers Assoc. Being on the Board and Membership Chair, I am constantly reviewing data, speaking with new (or potential) members throughout the world and trying to collaborate global interests among these catering companies. Included on my ‘list of things to do,’ is to create power point presentations to present at Catersource Conference, the annual meeting of 8,000 caterers (from Nigeria to Nebraska,) which takes place at the end of February. To add, Chef Shawn and I are looking forward to doing a joint seminar on new wedding menu ideas and trends in the catering industry; if we don’t kill each other, we’ll keep you posted on our presentation…

In the meantime, we have parties to get out and lots of snow to shovel!

Stay Warm!

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