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Most of you know I am a full-fledge ‘wino’. I love enjoying a great food-friendly, drinkable wine as well as slowly savoring a rare, special bottle that often accompanies a significant event—
So here are some random wine thoughts—

Love the local?—doesn’t get any better than being next-door to the Jonathan Edwards Winery! Beautiful venue, great people and wonderful wines. Their stone tables red is one of the BEST values around—if you don’t know the story of the stone table, just ask Jonathon. I love ALL their wines, but what really gets me going—especially during this time of the year, is their DARK (formerly called Port). Run, don’t walk to get this to savor with the last bite of fabulous single origin chocolate you have left from Valentine’s day.

Love the far away? Constantia Uitsig of South Africa—-Memories of sipping their lemony, rounded-honey-like sauvignon blanc while enjoying a stay at this amazing (natural, relaxing, tranquil vineyard/hotel) in Cape Town, SA, are just as fresh as they were a few years ago. And the cuisine was parallel to the wine—wish I had some now!

Gotta love the “ups and downs” – the “good and the bad”. Another flavor coming to mind is that of Chateau D’Yquem. My former husband and I had an appreciable wine cellar. And as was our tradition to celebrate memorable(good or bittersweet) occasions with great wines, we “enjoyed”—(enjoy may not quite be the right word!) a bottle of it after we got divorced. It is truly the Nectar of the Gods—and everyone really needs to have at least a taste of it in their lifetime. It is not for the faint of heart—or budget—this is royal wine and should be treated accordingly.
I think I need some wine now!!!

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