We Are SOOOO Spoiled!!!


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How spoiled are we at A Thyme to Cook? VERY! Each week or two, our chefs come up with an idea for a new menu to add to our sample menus, or just an idea for a new way to do a single food item. Today Bill and Joe made a few scrumptious yummies for us to try. The scallops are (always) from our friends at Stonington Seafood Harvesters – aka “Bomsters”.

They are so amazingly sweet and succulent! Today they were marinated with whiskey and vanilla and topped with spicy chocolate panko crumbs

Then we enjoyed honey marinated beef short ribs braised with sherry and soy. And how soft and tender and delicious! The sides were a cool smoked paprika slaw (napa, cabbage, zucchini and carrots) along with three cauliflower “couscous” recipes…it’s so amazing and we know you all will see this idea popping up but if you whir up cauliflower florets in a food processor (not the stems) to a consistancy of couscous it really looks like couscous but – no starch! And flavor it like you would a couscous dish and its a really simple veggie side. We tasted curry cashew cauliflower couscous; currant, cashew and caper & the fresh and always wonderful mixed herbs.

And then dessert – A S’more cake…good graceous it looks like a marshmallow right off of the cammpfire! Bill came up with a recipe that encompased all of the elements into the 3 layer cake…sorry didn’t get a shot of the inside of the cake – we devoured it too fast!

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