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The definition varies between the vision of what one saw on the old TV show, with food being delivered out of a house kitchen and dropped off in the neighborhood as well as the local deli preparing platters of cold cuts and seran wraps them up and is available for pick up. This is not to say anything negative about either one, as they each have shaped catering history.

However, the history of ATTC’s 27 years of catering is absolutely the opposite of those.

We provide an EXPERIENCE–not just the food–and in order to do so, we have to adhere to very strict regulations, sanitation and insurance guidelines. Before we even get out the door, we are inspected by the health department regularly. Our kitchen is not a house kitchen, but a separate 8,000 sq ft building comprised of cod —(impervious walls), we are fully licensed, insured (up the wazoo—remember LS was a former NO and is VERY liability conscious); our employees are all on payroll and are trained not only by us (in several seasonal seminars), but also TIPS certified (BT) and serve safe certified (kitchen and managers). Being on the board of ICA, LS regularly sends employees to major educational opportunities throughout the country.

We also do not cook food at our cookery and bring it in warming ovens to serve 6 hours later. Our chefs prepare everything from scratch–yes–everything. Bill makes all our own breads, fresh pasta, etc. and we prepare/marinet, etc. food here and then bring enough equipment to set up a field kitchen wherever we go. Even if the event site has a full kitchen, we generally just use the power and water as we don’t like taking chances on ovens that may not be cleaned or calibrated properly. So we lug in 8 burner stoves, grills, induction units, convection ovens, steamers, you name it–we bring it–in addition to all the behind the scene items that no one ever thinks about–tray stands, coffee servers, salt and pepper shakers, wine-away for those emergency red wine disasters, foam pads to protect wooden floors from scratch, rental chairs, sewing kits, even epi pens!

On the day of the event, we are responsible for–the weather (we wish!!!), parking issues, rentals, portolets, septic system drainage, power and safety supply, coordination with site staff, vendors! We are control freaks who do not like suprises but also thrive in being able to rise above them. Caterers are crazy!

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