Memories of Venice


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How does one go from a magical vacation in Venice back to the reality of a dreary April in Southeastern Connecticut!?

Hold on to the memories and the flavor!
A few things about this trip to Venice (will go into more detail later)
– Our dear friends Isabella and Dino (and their amazing food) at Osteria Oliva Nera
-Julie- the server at Oliva Nera, with a radiant smile, deftness, speed and perception–would you like to work for ATTC?!
-Eating tons of food and walking it all off–or most of it anyway!
-Negronis–the best
-Watching amazing construction/renovation from boat barges-remember, the roads are canals and the streets are the buildings in Venice
-No cars…yay!
-Works of Giambattista Tiepolo
-A contemporary world that exists within the confines of ancient history
-The delicate stuffed zucchini blossoms at Oliva Nera–absolute heaven on a fork
-Pumping Stations–taking your empty water to your local “P.S.” to fill up with local wines
-Aqua Alta- we never visit Venice in season and have had the luxury of dining in restaurants (wearing our muck boots) sitting in 6” of water
-Proximity to–Alto Adige–another world where Italy and Germany blend flavors
-Seeing my favorite color purple–in everything, on everyone, every shade, everywhere

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