Welcome to the Year of the Water Dragon!


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Millions around the world began CHINESE NEW YEAR celebrations on January 23rd with fireworks,family and food! The Dragon signifies growth, change, power and optimism.
This is GOOD news for brides and/or parents-to-be planning a wedding or bundle of joy this coming year. Regarded as the most powerful of the Chinese zodiac symbols, it is the perfect time for a wedding and people born during a dragon year are said to be brave, innovative and driven.
As with most holidays, food plays a big part in the celebration. Traditional foods have a certain significance relating to the wish for a prosperous and happy New Year. One should have lots of citrus such as tangerines, oranges and pomelo (an ancestor of the grapefruit) for wealth, luck and prosperity. Sweets will ensure a sweet life in the New Year, particularly with the Nian Gao cake. This cake made with rice flour, brown sugar and oil, and often topped with dates, white sesame seeds or nuts, symbolizes reaching new heights in the New Year (maybe we should add this to our cake week tasting menu!).
The ATTC team is hoping this Year of the Dragon lives up to its’ reputation of bringing wealth, optimism and growth!

How are YOU celebrating the Chinese New Year?

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