Catersource Top Ten! Our favorite finds from the conference:


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1. Pantone’s hot color trend for 2012 = Tangerine Tango

2. Candy bar is out – popcorn bar is in!

3. Pairing is no longer just for wine and cheese, pairing beer or prosecco with food is unexpected. Non-alcoholic drinks like soda can also be used to compliment an hors d’oeuvres.

4. What’s ALWAYS in style? Champagne at the door.

5. Staff with (fake) tattoos of the food they are serving painted on their arms; or the menu is printed on the service staff’s t-shirts. The front of the shirt might say “Seared Seabass” and the back describes the dish in more detail or explains how it was created.

6. Using stick blenders to make muddled drinks live at stations- interactive and fresh!

7. Place mini drinks that pair with a menu at the end of buffet lines as a surprise. The guests reach the end of the line and receive a mini cocktail as an added WOW! For example- mini black and tans paired with a station serving an upscale shepards pie.

8. His and Hers cocktail stations during hors d’oeuvres. He likes whiskey and she drinks vodka- why not serve a signature drink each inspired by the bride and groom’s favorites?!

9. Greet guests with flavored lemonades before your event. Basil, blueberry, mint, kiwi, lavender- the possibilities are endless…

10. Stations featuring one ingredient prepared different ways (salmon, corn, tomato). This is a great way to use an abundant ingredient that is at its peak without seeming redundant. Call it a “trio”or “taste of” station.

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