Spring Asparagus!


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One of our favorite spring vegetables- asparagus is wonderful steamed, grilled or roasted- just don’t overcook them! EcoCentric blog posted an interesting article on the veggie. It has a very long history; ancient Egyptians ate them more than 20,000 years ago! Whether they knew the health benefits or just liked the taste- they were getting folate, Vitamin C, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer effects. Below are tips when purchasing your asparagus:

  1. The thinnest stalks possible – these are the most tender. Steer clear of the limp and the wilted.
  2. Closed tips – no offshoots.
  3. A fresh scent – give it a sniff and if it smells musty, give it a pass.
  4. If it’s bunched, try to find a bunch that is uniform in width, so that the spears will cook uniformly.

Our chefs are prepping lots of fresh asparagus to be enjoyed at our events this weekend!

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