Wedding Trends of 2013


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After the glistening of holiday décor dims and the trumpets of New Year quiet, here at A Thyme to Cook we are welcoming in 2013 with our projections for upcoming wedding trends.

Like many, Pantone is the first place we check for Color of the Year. Their 2013 winner is emerald, in bold opposition from last year’s Tangerine Tango. That said, everywhere you look, Pinterest and many blogs project mint as the hottest color of the year which carries the vintage vibe nicely.

Brides can expect innovative, fresh, farm to table restaurant quality food. Local ingredients and artisan beverages are more important than ever as brides put the culinary spotlight on their own heritage.

Pork is the meat of the year, with highlighted entrees such as Braised Pork Shoulders, Pork Porterhouse and Pork Short Ribs.  Food Trucks are one of the hottest trends this year – you will see them pop up all over serving burgers, ice cream or cupcake – such as our friends at  Nora Cupcake Company .

Local cheeses have never been more popular. Cheese makers like the Mystic Cheese Company, Beltane Farm and Cato Corner not only bring immense flavor to our local farmer’s markets, but also consistently spice up menus and deliver abundant unique flavor to our events.

The Mystic Cheese Company, Melville

Emerald is not just for bridesmaids dresses.  2013 brings greens of all kinds: kale, beet, chard, and mustard into the spotlight. Go greens!

Homemade desserts will be heating up the kitchen this wedding season. Pies, cupcakes and other rustic home baked goodness will be on dessert tables everywhere.

Martinis and Manhattans take a back seat to Champagne and Tequila Bars while traditional sodas are overshadowed by colorful hand crafted Italian sodas and fresh juices.

Vintage and Fresh is Hot!!  One of our new 2013 signature cocktails is the Shrub, a fruit-vinegar-inspired refresher – an antique drinking form re-born with contemporary ingredients. We are excited to collaborate with RIPE from Wallingford on a custom beverage menu using their 100% natural hand crafted fruit juices and mixers.

Overall, 2013 is all about quality and luxury juxtaposed with earthy and homespun details. Brides and grooms are making it personal and local without compromising magnificence!


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