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There are many benefits of having live music at an event. Music can add character, atmosphere and drama to any event. Live music provides something magical that you can’t get with prerecorded music. There’s something very special that happens when a guitarist, violinist, vocalist or other musician is performing.

When live music is included in a wedding ceremony it becomes part of the tapestry of the moment. The thread that runs throughout. It creates a colorful backdrop and can fill in the quietness and emptiness of a room. Music can add cohesiveness to the flow of things. It can also provide pacing and tempo, especially while the bride is making her way to the altar. A gentle piece of music can calm the nerves and slow things down. A joyous and triumphant song played right after the couple is announced as husband and wife is magnificent. It can be the perfect accompaniment as they begin to walk out and are welcomed for the first time as “newlyweds” by their family and friends.

When I’m playing at a wedding ceremony the music I choose can add different emotional elements to the proceedings. Music sets the stage for the important matters at hand without taking away from the real show, the bride and groom. Music is like the seasoning in a recipe. It can enhance a moment like nothing else. Music conjures happiness. It brings back fond memories or can make us remember special moments with loved ones.

It is lovely to have beautiful melodies filling the air while friends and family gather to celebrate. Music can reflect any type of emotion and there are many emotions at a wedding. People may have different ideas of what kind of music they want as the backdrop of their day. I have played all sorts of music during the different parts of weddings. Whether it be instrumental classical music by Beethoven or Bach in a grand church or Beatles songs for the prelude under the oak tree in the back yard. It could be Keith Urban’s “Without You” for the processional, because whenever it comes on the radio the “bride to be” thinks of her loved one. Or “How Great Though Art” for a grandmother during an interlude because it was played at her wedding many years ago. Possibly Pachelbel’s “Canon in D” because it is gorgeous and a more tradition feel is important. Music is part of all of our lives and becomes a part of our moments and memories. Live Music is the ultimate enhancement for any event.

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