It’s all about location….


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…. and that location is local.

The term local, when it comes to food and local sourcing seems to get thrown around a lot, and many people use it as a buzz word. For us, it’s not just a phrase, but a way of life. For Many years, we have had long term relationships with many local farmers and fisherman, and are always expanding our contacts.

This past Monday, our chefs and some staff headed out to Three local farms to discuss our upcoming needs for the holiday season.

Still River Farm in Coventry CT ( provides us with whole wheat, flour, and other milled items. We choose our own flour that goes into our homemade breads, pasta’s and baked goods._DSC0737_1(1)


Ladies of Lebanon farm in Lebanon CT specializes in all things cow and pig related. Dairy, beef, sausage, and veal, which is extremely helpful when looking for delicious, organic foods for our guests.

Another of our local Favorites is Beltane farms, ( )who provides us with the most delicious goat cheese that our customers absolutely love.

We are very grateful to live in an area that is so rich with fresh local products to enrich our foods, and incredible farms that enrich our lives. sherry with goat


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