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Hopefully you will all “LIKE” what I have to say here and maybe want to “PIN” it or “RETWEET” me.

To many, the above line makes a ton of sense, to others, I could very well be talking in a foreign language. Whichever category you fall into, there is no escaping social media. Something ceases to be a ‘fad’ once it becomes an everyday part of the lexicon of our lives. Boot up your phone, open a magazine or turn on the TV – social media is everywhere.

While we can’t avoid it these days (notice the hashtags and little links while watching TV shows or commercials?), I like to look at it as positive momentum. Social media is here to help the world spread the word – it keeps us connected to one another. Sure, picking up the phone and hearing a friendly voice is always best, but to be able to watch my best friend’s kids grown up across the country or share a story I’m proud of with my friends all at once has a lot of benefits. Picture that little computer or phone screen as the old town crier – walking up and down the information highway, ringing his bell and shouting the news to the rooftops. It is how we communicate these days, it’s the new word of mouth.

Here at A Thyme To Cook we’re starting to focus a lot of energy on our little corner of cyberspace. We’ve got Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram and keep adding new avenues of communication all the time. We do this because we want to be able to share with our friends, fans and guests. We like to share fun ideas, celebrate our accomplishments, notify you of upcoming events and see what you have to say in return.

Not sure what all this means? Let me try to help with an even more universal theme, and one we’re very fond of – FOOD!

Facebook: “I Like Food”

Our Facebook page is our most used vehicle for social media interaction. It incorporates a lot of the aspects of other platforms and puts them all in one place. As of the writing for this blog post, over 1,200 people “like” us on Facebook and have the ability to read our status messages (what news are we sharing?), photos (oohhh, look at this great plate!), and share their own stories with us (I had so much fun at the wedding last weekend), too.

Twitter: “I’m Eating #Food”

Twitter is the social media tool that proves Shakespeare was right when he said “brevity is the soul of wit”. A user is limited to 140 characters (any time you click the keyboard, that’s a character) to say whatever is on their mind. Usually the text is filled with “#” or hashtags (or as we used to call them – pound signs). This allows stories with the same information to be linked together via the hashtag. (Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake humorously describe the overuse of the hashtag HERE.) We use Twitter to send off quick messages, links to a quick picture we may take, or to spread the word from our other social media tools.

Pinterest: “Here’s a GREAT Recipe for Food!

Remember when Grandma used to cut out articles from magazines and newspapers and mail them to you? Favorite recipes, photos, news clippings? That’s what Pinterest is for in the modern age. When you’re on any webpage, you can “pin” the photos and story to your own Pinterest page and share with all who follow you. We do this with photos from the events we are a part of, inspiration photos, favorite recipes and more. Wouldn’t Grandma be proud?

It doesn’t stop there! We’re also on Instagram (Here’s a photo of Food, with a fancy filter effect!), YouTube (Here is a video of me MAKING food!) and of course blogging (don’t look now, but if you’re reading this, you’re in our Social Media net!).

So, join us! This is called SOCIAL media for a reason. We want to share what we’ve got going on and hope you’ll do the same right back to us.

Till next time, I’ll see you online!

P.S. See those little icons below asking you to Tweet, Share or Pin this article? Give it a shot won’t you? Let that town crier ring his bell!

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