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“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”
? Benjamin Franklin

At the end of March, three members of our A Thyme To Cook team – Linda, Gina and Magda – flew out to Las Vegas for the 2014 edition of the CaterSource conference. Their official website describes it well: “The annual Catersource Conference & Tradeshow has a proud history as a leading educational opportunity for caterers, with dynamic presenters, nonstop networking opportunities and the most amazing parties.”

According to Linda Sample, our President here at ATTC, it’s 24-7 catering and non-stop learning! The biggest news from the event was our being honored with a 2014 CATIE Award!

I asked Linda, Gina and Magda their thoughts on the trip and what they took away from it.

1. Other than the CATIE win, what was the highlight for you at this year’s Catersource?

Gina: “Seeing our peers and catching up with them in person is always the highlight each year. After all, it is the ‘greatest gathering of caterers in the world’ and we all grow from each other.”

Magda: “Because this was my first time, I would say the whole Catersource was a highlight for me! But the biggest impression was the Catersource Opening Session during which organizers gave tribute to Michael Roman – the Catersource founder. I was impressed how this special individual expressed his passion for catering and inspired so many of us.”

Linda: “For me, the highlight was finally meeting a special person who, through International Caterers Association (ICA) connections, hired us for one of my favorite celebrity weddings. No, I’m not telling who.”

The convention hall is jam packed with new ideas - everywhere you look.

The convention hall is jam packed with new ideas – everywhere you look.

2. What new idea/theme/presentation made the biggest impact/caused the most excitement for you?

Magda: “I did like the idea of bringing the outside to the inside. For example, the attendee lounge looked like gardens from Europe – mixed with different designs to spark your creativity like never before!”

Linda: “My biggest take-away was the importance of relationships with our clients and clarity in communication. There are tons of trends, ideas, etc, that we can speak to, but these concepts are most important.”

Gina: “My head is spinning with so many new ideas in culinary, service, and presentation….it is hard to choose just one. There are several new food combinations to try……service techniques to institute…..and interesting design concepts. I can’t wait to get going! Oh….and I had the most FABULOUS Lemonade Mojito!”

There's more china to look at than you'd ever imagine.

There’s more china to look at than you’d ever imagine.

3. What ran through your mind when our name was announced as the winner of the CATIE award?

Linda: “Wicked cool!!! We have been awarded 2 other CATIES, with a total of 16 nominations, and was thrilled to get #3! Also, this is so cool for our team as we have gone through lots of transition and changes – all for the better!!”

Gina: “As back stage manager for the CATIE/Spotlight awards ceremony, part of my responsibilities include unwrapping and organizing the awards. I was by myself, hours before the award ceremony, in the empty ballroom getting ready when I saw our name engraved. I did a little dance and took a selfie. The stage crew thought I was crazy!”

Magda: “Yessssssssssss ATTC TEAM WIN!! Also, I thought to make sure I held on to Linda so she would not fall off the stage with excitement!”


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