The Making of “The Table” – Part Two – Setting The TABLE


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As we gear up for our Summer presentation of The TABLE on July 18th, (win 2 free tickets!) we wanted to share a little insight into how The TABLE process works.

Previously, we talked about the planning involved in creating The TABLE. This time, we are going to discuss tasks that the team need to complete in order to execute the day of.

April 11th arrived and Event Coordinator Brian and his crew headed to the Groton New London Airport to make The TABLE materialize in the main terminal.

Standing in the luggage claim area of the terminal, Brian talked with the assembled staff and distributed assignments such as table location, set-up, decor, service and explained the menu. A few feet away, in the former cafe of the airport, the culinary team was busy creating our field kitchen.

The field kitchen came together quickly, including ovens and stove tops.

The field kitchen came together quickly.

All hands were on deck for unloading everything the team needed at the airport. Field kitchen items such as ovens, steamers, hotboxes, and grills were set up. Trays of china, flatware, glassware and coffee mugs came off the truck. Boxes of decor items, framed photos and vintage luggage were brought in. Tables were delivered with specialty chairs. Linens for tables, bars and serving areas were unpacked.

Coolers of food, bags of ice and the bar items were un-boxed in the appropriate areas. Serving trays, stands and utensils were put into use.

Racks of plates and glassware arrived.

Racks of plates and glassware arrived.

After unloading, the team set to work transforming the terminal into a gourmet dining experience.

As the culinary team began to cook, Brian and his team dedicated themselves to precisely setting fresh linens, chairs and flatware. Brian meticulously placed gleaming silver ornaments and flat white stones, framed travel photos, decorative drapings and more.

Boarding pass menus were the extent of the “traditional” airline themed items. We felt that pilot uniforms, service carts and snacks were a bit too “cliche”.

Brian made sure that no detail was overlooked.

Brian made sure that no detail was overlooked.

The baggage claim area was turned into guest “arrival”. One of the check-in booths became a bar and decorative blinds were set up to hide the dining area from view.

The specialty beverage began to fill glasses and the first hors d’oeuvres were nearing completion.

As the clock pushed towards 6:30pm the finishing touches were being completed and the team from A Thyme to Cook was ready to meet and greet their special guests.

The 'signature' table

The ‘signature’ table

For every occurrence of The TABLE, a “real” wooden table travels with us. It stands as the welcoming sight for all guests. New guests sign the table, and returning guests find their name from previous visits and add the new location to their name. For this TABLE, it was placed front and center inside the guest arrival area.

The Table is Set

The Table is Set

As the guests began to arrive, their seat at The TABLE was waiting for them, but that’s a different story.

Follow us for Part Three as we dive into what the experience of being at The TABLE is all about.

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