Where Will The TABLE “Pop-up” on July 18th? Win 2 Tickets!


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While the mystery location of July 18th’s #TheTABLE remains a hidden treasure, we are giving our Social Media followers a chance to WIN 2 FREE TICKETS!

Leave a comment on one of our social media sites and guess where in Connecticut The TABLE will “Pop-Up” on July 18th. All correct answers will be entered into a random drawing. One lucky guesser will receive 2 FREE TICKETS!

Look for hidden clues in our posts here on the blog, or on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

You can enter one guess (per social media platform) per week. That could be up to 5 guesses per week! Why waste time, start guessing today.

Ways to Guess:

– Comment on this story on the blog!
– Add a comment to our Facebook Post asking for guesses using #PopUpTABLE!
– Tweet @AThymeToCook your guess using #PopUpTABLE!
– Comment on our Pinterest Post about the contest using #PopUpTABLE!
– Commment on our Instagram Image about the contest using #PopUpTABLE!

CLUE #1 Was on our Instagram Page!
CLUE #2 Was on our Twitter Page!
CLUE #3 Was right here on the blog!
CLUE #4 Was on our Facebook Page!
CLUE #5 Is live one one of our social media pages now!

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More Info: https://thetablejuly.eventbrite.com/

2 Responses

  1. Ashley says:

    I know it may seem obvious, but I am HOPING that the next dinner is at Saltwater Farm. Gorgeous!!

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