Get To Know Us – Spending Thyme with Brian – Event Coordinator


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BeFunky_brian.jpgThe true story behind any successful company stems from the people.

We would like to introduce ourselves to you and let you get to know us a little better.

Spend some Thyme with Brian – one of our amazing Event Coordinators.

Brian has been with ATTC for a whopping 15 years!

His favorite part of designing a celebration is that part where the guests walk in, look around, do a short inhale and say “wow”!

As far as unusual events at a wedding – his ex wife’s cousin married a circus clown. The whole thing was unusual.

His favorite “guilty pleasure” snack is… cheese doodles. The puffy kind. And he’s not even guilty about it.


Brian’s closest thing to his 15 seconds of fame was winning a spotlight award, “event planner of the year” in 2005.

In High School, Brian knew he would become famous and he totally bought into the fad of dressing like a strange hybrid of Simon LeBon and Prince. We asked, he’s not proud of it. His first concert? John Denver with an opening act of Starlight Vocal Band. (He claims it was not his idea!)


Brian can’t live without garlic. Or bacon. Or garlic or….

Hand Brian $20 to spend impulsively and he’d shrewdly come home with 20 items from the dollar store.

Brian loves to get away to the cottage his grandfather built on the east end of Long Island and when Brian is not at The Cookery, you’ll probably find him on his porch.


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  1. Mary Cotters says:


    It’s been a little over a week now since Matt and MacKenzie’s wedding at Eolia Mansion. I just wanted to tell you how wonderful the wedding was and what a great job you and the staff at A Thmye To Cook did. We were all very happy with everything. Thank you so much for taking care of everything and the cookie table was beautiful. Good job with the Pittsburgh tradition.

    Take care.
    Mary Cotters

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