Get To Know Us – Spending Thyme with Joe – Head Chef


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BeFunky_NIK_5894a.jpgThe true story behind any successful company stems from the people.

We would like to introduce ourselves to you and let you get to know us a little better.

Spend some Thyme with Joe – our head chef.

Joe has been with ATTC for over 9 years.

His favorite part of designing a celebration is executing remarkable food and leaving the guests with a night to remember and smiles upon their face.

The most unusual thing Joe ever saw at a wedding…

well …

probably isn’t suited for print.

Did you know that he tried valiantly in his younger days to become a professional wrestler?!


His favorite “guilty pleasure” snack is a gloriously vibrant bowl of Fruit Loops. When forced to name one ingredient that he can’t live without, he played eenie, meenie, minnie & moe with salt and garlic, and salt won.

The closest thing to Joe’s 15 seconds of fame, well, he doesn’t think he’s had it yet, so check back soon and keep an eye on the television.

In High School Joe knew he would become The Emperor of the Universe. Epic fail so far, but he’s always dreamed big. His first concert was Black Label Society, where he got to meet and hang out with the guitar savant, Zakk Wylde.

The fad Joe completely bought into is… Parachute pants… Thank you, MC Hammer, for awkward middle school photos!


If Joe was handed $20 to spend impulsively, he would come home with a newspaper and $19.25. He’s sure his wife will love that answer.

Joe’s “get away” spot is a little river by his house, where the fish are just waiting…


Finally, when Joe isn’t at The Cookery, you’ll probably find him at home, with his loved ones, creating memories and having fun!

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