Get To Know Us – Spending Thyme with Juli – Event Coordinator


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BeFunky_julia.jpgThe true story behind any successful company stems from the people.

We would like to introduce ourselves to you and let you get to know us a little better.

Spend some Thyme with Juli – one of our amazing Event Coordinators.

Her favorite part of designing a celebration is infusing the event with a fresh creative agenda.

When it comes to unusual events at a wedding – Juli remembers fondly a bride and groom fully enjoying a night on the dance floor to the full array of Disney songs including “Some Day My Prince Will Come” by Snow White.

Juli’s favorite “guilty pleasure” snack is a big fireside s’more and the ingredient she cannot live without is anything coconut!

In High School, Juli knew she would become a good friend of Morrissey. No she was certain… but settled for a handshake with Boy George. She never really bought into a fad as she always marched to the beat of her own drum.

Her first concert was the Commodores, front row. The best Brick House ever!

Juli’s closest thing to her 15 seconds of fame is the fact that she was in a band in the Bay Area called the Himalayans which then became the Counting Crows!

With $20 in Juli’s hand to spend impulsively, she would skip home happily with 3 Evolution sweet greens and lemon juices. Yum!.

Juli loves to get away to Marin, California or Portland, Oregon. Where her family resides. When not here at The Cookery, you can probably find Juli photographing, painting or spending quality time with her children.


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