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BeFunky_10400599_55550820580_3384_n.jpgThe true story behind any successful company stems from the people.

We would like to introduce ourselves to you and let you get to know us a little better.

Spend some Thyme with Keith – our Corporate and Private Event Sales and Marketing Manager.

At the time of this posting, Keith is the new guy on the block having joined ATTC in 2014 after ATTC designed his wedding in 2013!

His favorite part of designing a celebration is watching folks get into the idea of eating local and seasonal. Being a farmer, it feels good to him to be able to share that information.

When it comes to unusual events at a wedding Keith says he’ll never forget a bride and groom who were huge NASCAR fans arriving in a stretch NASCAR limo and having their first dance to “Life Is A Highway”.

Keith’s favorite “guilty pleasure” snack is cold pizza and a big glass of milk and the fad that he totally bought into was “pegging” his jeans. He still doesn’t know the point behind it.

In High School, Keith knew he would become a Radio DJ or a Baseball Announcer. He likes to think there’s still plenty of time.

His first concert was the Beach Boys – with his family at Yankee Stadium – after a Yankee game. His mother states that he had a big fever all day but refused to leave.

Keith’s closest thing to 15 seconds of fame were the television conferences he used to travel to as a member of the Broadcast Television Journalist Association and ‘rub elbows’ with celebrities.


With $20 in Keith’s hand to spend impulsively, he would get a seat, a beer and some food at Dodd Stadium for some minor league baseball.

Keith’s get-away spot is the Kent area of Connecticut or anywhere in search of a great hidden food spot with his wife. When not here at The Cookery, you can probably find Keith enjoying time on his farm with his wife and son.


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