ATTC’s Holiday Entertaining Tips – Chapter One: Basic Tips & Current Trends


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We are often asked for our advice on entertaining during the holidays. Recently, A Thyme to Cook Founder and President, Linda Sample, took some time to discuss her thoughts. Throughout the Holiday entertaining season, we will share them here with you…

So, you have decided to have a holiday bash. Of course, my first response is going to be – call us at A Thyme to Cook! However, with all the seasonal, festive decorating at this time of year, it’s understandable that you may decide to show off your home and do it yourself.

With that in mind, here are a few tips and trends…

The Basic Questions

WHERE is the party? If it is in your home – how many people can your home accommodate COMFORTABLY? I said COMFORTABLY, not crammed into every nook and cranny. You can determine how many guests you can fit by simply dividing the square footage of your home by 5 – that is the magic number. If you do not want to open up your entire house, decide which rooms and use the same formula to determine how many people you should invite.


WHAT kind of party are you throwing? Now that you have a sense of your ‘party space’ you need to think about WHAT KIND of party you want to host. A cocktail party, a casual brunch, a full dinner party for 12? Remember, keep it simple and focus on doing what you feel comfortable executing.

WHO would like to include as your guests? Friends, colleagues, family, neighbors, or all of the above? Kids or no kids? These decisions will help guide you to the style of party you want to throw. A party with your close friends will have a different vibe than one with kids or one with your boss in attendance.


WHY you are having this bash? To show off your décor? To congratulate employees for a great year? To get the neighbors interacting? Once you find your goal – focus all other aspects of the party on that goal and stick to it!

HOW are you going to do it? Trust your instincts and keep coming back here as we’ll share more ideas weekly as we continue through the holiday season.

Trends To Keep In Mind


Think GREEN and fresh! As a Certified Green Caterer, we always emphasize the natural. All you have to do is look outside your windows for fir, pine, cedar, branches, birch logs, etc. “Natural” never goes out of style. Just remember NOT to cut any endangered or protected species (some states prohibit cutting of winterberry and/or laurel) or anything poisonous such as holly, or Christmas cactus. AND, remember NOT to put candles near the greens. Better yet – use battery operated ones for peace of mind; you can find really great quality battery operated lights most places these days.

SPARKLE! This is the one time of the year when everything glitters and shines. Go for it! That also means candles… again, the safe kind!


The color BLUE is becoming more popular in holiday decorating and certainly blends well with a natural rustic look.

Most importantly, remind yourself to KEEP IT SIMPLE. A contemporary, clean-lined look can be equally as dramatic as ribbons and rustic greens.

Don’t over-extend yourself. This season has enough of its own stress, no need to add in more of your own!


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