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As we get nearer to the big game on Sunday – the team at A Thyme to Cook is sharing our ideas and guidance for your Super Bowl party.

We’ve talking about food, and decorating…. but we can’t talk about the Super Bowl and not talk about the commercials!

We turned to our pop-pulture guru, Keith, who also happens to be a member of the Broadcast Television Journalists Association, to share his favorite food-related commercials…

You gather your friends and get more excited for the commercials than the game. You start to talk about your favorites from the past years – but then your mind goes blank! You have nothing to offer up! No worries, I’m here to help! The Super Bowl is filled with commercials with animals, talking babies, and lots and lots of cars. But the top commercials, in my opinion are the food ones! I searched my brain came up with my Top 10 Favorites. Mention them at your party and you’ll sound like a TV genius!

How many of these do you remember?

#10 – The Showdown, 1993

For Super Bowl XXVII McDonald’s staged the most epic game of ‘HORSE’ ever with Michael Jordan and Larry Bird. Who’s got next?

#9 – The Right One Baby, 1991

Diet Pepsi had Ray Charles serenade us for Super Bowl XXV. Uh huh!

#8 – Secret Fridge, 2006

Which part of Bud Light’s Super Bowl XL ad was better? The guys in their 30s worrying about hiding their beer, or the very excited guys on the other side?

#7 – Mosquito, 1998

The Tabasco Company (who knew they had enough money for a Super Bowl ad?) showed us, during Super Bowl XXXII, just how good their sauce really is…

#6 – Jordan vs. Jordan, 2003

For those of us feeling the stress of getting older, Gatorade’s Super Bowl XXXVII ad really hit home. How would our current self match up with our younger version?

#5 – Pug, 2011

During Super Bowl XLV, Doritos brought us a real David and Goliath story! If David was an adorable pug and Goliath was a big tool with Doritos! (Get a sneak peak of this year’s Doritos ad)

#4 – Hungry Betty White, 2010

The first time Snickers showed us their “changing personalities” ads, they featured the age-less Betty White during Super Bowl XLIV. I remember everyone in the house bursting out laughing at this one! (Special shout out to the late Abe Vigoda!)

#3 – Where’s The Beef, 1984

Wendy’s found a catch phrase that lasted much much longer than it should have when actress Clara Peller asked the question of the ages during Super Bowl XVIII…. over and over again.

#2 – Mean Joe Green, 1980

Many consider this the greatest ad ever and it came during Super Bowl XIV. A kid, a hero and a Coke. What’s not to love? (CBS recently reunited Mean Joe and the Kid – check it out!)

#1 – Respect, 2002

Budweiser has given us the frogs, the Bud Bowl, horses and dogs, WASSSUUPPPP and many more that became common place on TV and in our own vocabularies. However, they made an ad that aired only once in 2002. Super Bowl XXXVI was the first to air after 9/11 and Budweiser took their famous Clydesdales and perfectly captured the feelings still so strong in many… this is my #1.

BONUS – The Force, 2011

I know it’s not food related, but with all the hysteria of Star Wars – how can I NOT mention this adorable ad from Volkswagen during Super Bowl XLV?! Come on – you know you giggled!

So, how about you? What are some of your favorite Super Bowl commercials? Share in the comments below.

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