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photo: Beck McNeel Weddings

photo: Beck McNeel Weddings

I have a feeling that this past week may have been the last week that felt like Indian Summer, which is a good thing as we are still cranking out weddings like crazy, and many of them in tents.

Tents are tricky this time of year, as volatile weather changes have huge impacts – so we are scrambling for heaters, more frame tents for our field kitchens and dealing with the wind. Of course, that is what makes us great caterers! We have many years of wild and crazy things that have happened behind the scenes (I won’t frighten you!!). We will do whatever it takes to make our event seamless. We love the constant variety of clients, venues and menu; we love problem solving and improvising to make things work; we love getting to know our clients so we can hone in on their priorities… and create memories that last a lifetime.

So, back to Fall, the season of pumpkins, mums, cornstalks and Halloween. As we have done for zillions of years, we decorate the outer cookery steps and sills with the harvest of our neighbor, Lo Presti Farms. It is one of my favorite times to decorate – or was, until a few weeks ago. The lesson here is to never under-estimate the power of squirrels. Our local squirrel family has developed quite an organized system of carrying off whole butternut squash, gourds, and pumpkins. They move with such speed and grace…. they have literally chewed thru pumpkins on our step in between client appointments and love leaving a mess of seeds everywhere. So, since this battle began, I have been researching methods of natural ‘discouragement’ for them. Any tips you have for ‘saving’ your fall decor would be welcome!

Squirrels are not the only things in abundance this fall – we have been fortunate to be able to play with several kinds of wild mushrooms, which are extremely prolific this season. I have before never seen giant puff-ball mushrooms the size of basketballs, and pounds and pounds of fragrant hen-of-the-wood mushrooms. Everyone here has been in heaven trying a variety of recipes for this aromatic, beautiful, earthy fungi. Chicken-of-the-woods, a thicker, meatier, bright orange colored mushroom, has also been fun to experiment with. We have been drying them and freezing them (the hens do quite well frozen). I would love to follow around these neighbors of ours when they hunt for these gems as they tell me their (secret) location is quite surprising!

Hand-made ramen noodles in a hen of the woods broth.

We have a lot of big things on the horizon that I can’t wait to share with you all. We hope you’re having an amazing fall season.

What are some of your favorite fall decor ideas? How about recipes that warm you up on these chilly autumn evenings? We love hearing what our friends do – it is always an inspiration to us!

Enjoy Fall!


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[Read Linda’s Holiday Planning Blog Series From Last Year]

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