Five Things For Your Wedding Day “Just In Case” Kit


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After 32 years in the wedding industry, you could say we’ve experienced our fair share of weddings (seriously though – we’ve seen some things).

With age comes wisdom, with wisdom comes knowledge, and while, as a catering company, our primary focus on our bride’s big day is ensuring all goes well with the food and drinks, our knowledge extends far beyond the boundaries of the kitchen.

After each weekend, we gather our team and share stories from the events, what went well and what we didn’t expect. We are constantly taking mental notes and looking for ways to improve the day for both our brides, her guests, and us! A result of all of this continuous evaluation has been the organic formulation of a list that could be titled, ‘things you don’t think you’ll need on your wedding day but will be surprised that you do’.

There’s nothing worse than realizing you forgot something you didn’t think to bring that ends up being vitally important! So here is our composite list of the things we often notice end up left behind or things the bridal party often come running to us asking for.



This may be a surprising one, not something you think to keep on hand, but is probably one of the top most requested items we’re asked for. Think of all the tags you’ll be cutting, spare threads/strings you’ll want to trim, any packages you have to open. These really do come in handy. We even had someone borrow scissors from us to cut his pants into shorts one hot July night… but that’s a story for another day.

Phone Charger


Let’s be honest, we’re all kind of addicted to our phones. They’re our lifelines and we rely on them for so many things. Can you think of a day where it’s more important to be able to get in contact with people, or to be able to reference that email from your florist, or to find that back up note with your vows? Yeah, a phone charger is pretty vital and even if it’s your maid of honor who is in charge of all the details, let’s make sure her phone stays charged, too!

Sewing Kit


We’re not saying that if some tragedy happens and your gown gets a hole in it you’re going to start sewing it up with the care and finesse of a professional seamstress, BUT, those little safety pins sure come in handy, and we’ve seen many a thin strap break that just needed a few stitches or a pin. (Hint: a lot of the travel kits come with scissors – a win win!)



Now, of course you shouldn’t be mixing booze with meds, however, things happen and you’ll want to be sure to have your aspirin/ibuprofin of choice on hand in case disaster strikes and you get a terrible migraine and the show must go on. Surely you’ll be able to find something from someone else, but wouldn’t you rather just have your preferred pain cure on hand? I can’t tell you how often someone in the bridal party comes to us with this request.

Stain Remover


Fingers crossed no one spills anything on that gorgeous white gown, but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared just in case. We experience a good number of people who come to the bar asking for some club soda to get a stain out of their dress. Save yourself the trouble and toss one of those handy to-go cleaning pens in your bag.

There you have it, our secret tips for the often forgotten items to toss in your bag for the big day. We hope it will save you from any minor catastrophes and help make your day run smoothly. Coming prepared rather than having to search frantically through your wedding guests to find these items could save you at least ten minutes of time that you will get to spend with your loved ones cherishing your wedding day. Ten more minutes enjoying the party may seem like a trivial amount of time, but they could end up being the most memorable ten minutes of the day.

Happy planning and bookmark this list for when you start packing your ‘just in case’ kit!

Created by: Fiona, Event Coordinator

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