Skate Dish, Liss FLintA Thyme To Cook, (we hope!)

We are very excited to announce that we have been nominated for a CATIE award, in the category, “Best Plate Presentation”.

The plate nominated is our Third course from our monthly pop-up dinner, THE TABLE. Sautéed Skate Wing with Wilted Asian Greens in a Dashi Broth.

The CATIE is an international award presented in  many categories to independent caterers. This year our competition in this category comes from a wonderful caterer in Canada.

We will have to wait to find out if we’ve won until the awards gala march 25th at the Catersource Conference in Las Vegas, but as they say, “it’s a thrill to be nominated!”



It’s not just the words to a catchy tune, it is fast becoming one of the hottest epicurean events in the region.

The popularity of THE TABLE increases with each new location we appear in.

In November, we started at Stonecroft Bed and Breakfast, with an earthy table surrounded in hundreds of candles in a fieldstone room. The menu, perfect for that damp Autumn evening, featured a gourmet home style menu .Table pic

December brought us to the Velvet Mill in Stonington with an almost 50 foot long table, elegantly styled for a sumptuous holiday dinner. This was an incredible juxtaposition to the behemoth garage the table was housed in. A menu styled with elegance in mind gave a nod to the French countryside.3

January had us Popping up in a private castle home in Old Mystic, dining fireside. The menu featured amazing dishes derived from the five elements; earth, wind, water, fire, and soul.1512662_10151798611767024_310538228_n[1]

What will February bring? We would love to tell you, but that would spoil the surprise. No matter what,   it’s bound to be hot.  Tickets are still available for this, the ultimate valentine’s gift. Follow the link to purchase tickets for the table, February 14th.


Tickets are also available for March and April’s dinner as well.


This year marks our 30th year in business.  In 1984 we never could have imagined that a fledgling caterer could go on to accomplish all that we have in 30 short years.

As they say, “the only constant is change”, we are still changing our ways after 30 years.

We are currently renovating our kitchen for more efficiency, and to accommodate all of the new incredibly delicious food that our culinary team is creating.


Our new POP UP series,”THE TABLE” is gaining popularity with each new venue we find. We’ve been at a B&B in Ledyard, the velvet mill in Stonington, and most recently, a man’s house that actually is his castle. Who knows where we’ll pop up next?


For added ease to our brides, we are instituting interactive planning software which the client and caterer can work on together. There are a host other surprises coming down the path, but you will have stay tuned for more exciting news.



We are grateful to be in a position where we are able to help those who help others, and there is always a great need, not only at the holidays, but throughout the year.

Last year, upon reviewing our holiday donations budget, we decided to extend that gift throughout the year in monthly donations. The recipient of our monthly donations is the St. Vincent De Paul Society in Norwich CT.

This group serves 320 families and an additional 900 individuals, for an approximate total of 1900 people monthly. Of that, 780 are children.

What does it take to feed that many people? We do not know, but over the past months, some of what we have donated is: 200 lbs of rice, 120 lbs of vegetables, gallons of soup, 150 lbs of sugar, and much more. That is only what we as one donor have given.

We are grateful to be in such a position that we are able to help on such a scale, and the recipients are so incredibly grateful as well.

So throughout the year, if you are able, consider the gift of giving to a local soup kitchen, shelter, care center or food bank in your area. “For it is in giving that we receive”.

 Merry Christmas and the happiest of the New Year to you and yours, from all of us at A Thyme To Cook.



THE TABLE is what everyone’s talking about.



 (Photo above: the second course oyster trio featuring Behan Farm Oysters)


Last night, A Thyme To Cook created a pop up dinner at the Stonington Velvet Mill.  This, the second event in the series, was set in the center of an industrial garage space and featured an elegant holiday inspired dining table for 30 people.  After a cocktail hour paired with BEER’D Brewing company, guests were seated and enjoyed a tantalizing  five course meal  featuring local oysters, French hens and  a dessert so amazing that you will just have to be a guest at a future TABLE  to experience  it for yourself.




This Monthly Pop up dinner is always cultivated using local farms and sources, and this one included breads by ZEST Bakery right in the same building. Many of the farmers and merchants who have provided ingredients for this event can be seen at the Stonington Farmers Market every Saturday in the same location in the mill.


We are very excited about this monthly pop up event, and hope that you will join us at THE TABLE for our next event. Details and tickets can be found on our A Thyme To Cook Facebook Page




With Thanksgiving behind us, and black Friday in full swing, it’s time to shop small.

 Saturday is shop small Saturday, and as a boutique caterer and small business we shop small daily, encouraging our families, friends, and clients to do the same. Whenever possible we prefer to support small local farms, local fisheries, and family run businesses. By keeping our dollars local, it helps small business grow and thrive. It also promotes healthier relationships among neighbors, local diversity, and good will.

The holidays, Specifically Thanksgiving, is a great time to realistically acknowledge the richness of our lives, and to share that with those around us. As a small local business, we appreciate all of our client and business relationships and encourage everyone to realize and nurture the ones around you. Not just during the holidays, but throughout the year.



…. and that location is local.

The term local, when it comes to food and local sourcing seems to get thrown around a lot, and many people use it as a buzz word. For us, it’s not just a phrase, but a way of life. For Many years, we have had long term relationships with many local farmers and fisherman, and are always expanding our contacts.

This past Monday, our chefs and some staff headed out to Three local farms to discuss our upcoming needs for the holiday season.

Still River Farm in Coventry CT (stillriverfarm.org) provides us with whole wheat, flour, and other milled items. We choose our own flour that goes into our homemade breads, pasta’s and baked goods._DSC0737_1(1)


Ladies of Lebanon farm in Lebanon CT specializes in all things cow and pig related. Dairy, beef, sausage, and veal, which is extremely helpful when looking for delicious, organic foods for our guests.

Another of our local Favorites is Beltane farms, (beltanefarm.com )who provides us with the most delicious goat cheese that our customers absolutely love.

We are very grateful to live in an area that is so rich with fresh local products to enrich our foods, and incredible farms that enrich our lives. sherry with goat



thanksgiving graphicSince 1984, we have been serving mouth watering dishes for our clients and we are very grateful for all of the incredible feedback we have received.

Now, for the first time, we are offering some of these delicious items for you to enjoy at home.

Our initial offering, in keeping with the season is a variety of delicious holiday pies and side dishes to accompany your Thanksgiving dinner.

Our “AT HOME” line of foods is now available here at this link https://www.wepay.com/stores/302627 , on Facebook, and at the following locations:

The Coventry Regional Farmers Market at Coventry High School every Sunday starting November 24th

The Thanksgiving pop up at Goodwin College on November 26th.

Our selections will change seasonally so check back often.  After Thanksgiving we will be featuring holiday Hors D’oeuvres and desserts.

Not only are they delicious, but the food is also packaged in compostable, recyclable containers that are oven safe.

We are extremely excited to be able to offer these items in this new and exciting way, and while we still enjoy making our guests happy at events, we look forward to making you happy AT HOME.



As a child, do you remember waking up on thanksgiving morning to the scent of pancakes and bacon cooking, and in the background was the turkey slowly cooking, silently making its appearance, filling the house with that delicious aroma? Eating breakfast while watching the parade, enjoying the Rockettes with their signature high kicks, the smiling Snoopy balloon, the marching bands, and the bright colorful floats while eagerly awaiting the arrival of Santa Claus at the very end of it all?

Scientists will tell you that the strongest of all our senses is scent, and odor creates scent memories. The olfactory nerve is very close to the part of the brain that is in charge of memory, so even years later a particular scent, or combination of scents, will trigger a scent memory.

A few years ago, we attended a holiday event at a colleague’s home. Everyone was asked to bring a holiday dish that they had the fondest memories for. While we were eating, everyone discussed their story about the dish. Surprisingly, not one person spoke about the food itself. All of the stories regarding the food involved a happy memory regarding their family or friends. And the food was delicious!!!!

The kitchen at A Thyme to Cook is always busy creating wonderful aromas, and now that we are heading into the holidays, it is even more amazing than ever.

Heavenly Pies, country style roasts, Hearty soups, Crusty warm breads, luxurious cakes, whipped sweet potatoes, roasted local veggies, and did we mention those heavenly pies?

Thanksgiving is a time for family, reflection and giving thanks, so as we head into the start of the holiday season take a moment to reflect on some of your favorite food memories and share them with your friends and family. They’ll thank you for it.


To launch a new 2014 Porsche, Hoffman Porsche in East Hartford hosted an unveiling celebration filled with “thrilling contradictions”. Hot & Cold, Spicy & Sweet, our menu reflected the vision of the event and new vehicle. We even translated the signage into German! Thanks to Hoffman for another wonderful collaboration! 


  • Sugar Cane Shrimp with Chorizo on Bamboo with Espelette Pepper
  • Open Face Candied Pulled Pork on Corn Arepa Topped with Pepperoncini Threads
  • Apple Jalapeno and Bacon Beignets with Maple Crema
  • Local Bomster Scallop “Slider” with Lemon Scallion Aioli and Lovage
  • Tiny Lamb Shepherd’s Pie “Cup Cakes”
  • Blue Corn “Turkey” Dog on a Stick with Bourbon Pear Butter


“Small Plate” Station Served on a Book Case…

Mexican Chipotle-Chocolate Short Ribs on Chevre Mash with Popcorn Shoot

Passed Sweets…

Demitasse Cups of Ancho Chili Pot De Crème with Cocoa Nibs

“Fizzy Grapes”

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