Have you picked up a copy of the Spring 2017 edition of Martha Stewart Real Weddings yet? If you casually flip to page 112 you’ll find the fabulous wedding out on Fisher’s Island that A Thyme To Cook was lucky enough to cater!

We anxiously awaited the release of the issue and our very own President, Linda, was practically skipping to the mailbox the whole week it was estimated to arrive. We just about ripped open the package when it finally got here and read through the article and then flipped back to the first page and read it again.

Image courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings

Image courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings

It was wonderful to relive the day while reading the magazine and to see it captured in such beautiful photos from the Martha Stewart crew. We love being a part of a wedding that is featured nationally for brides-to-be, and it truly always makes us giddy to appear in print.

A Boat Ride to Remember
The wedding was a unique one, for sure, in that Fisher’s Island is only reachable by ferry. We ventured out there not once, not twice, but three times to get a feel for the site, the space, and the logistics of working with vendors on ‘island time’. Let me tell you though – venturing to the island in the winter was no simple feat.

With a limited ferry schedule and no transportation on the island, our chariot awaited in the form of a pick-up truck driven by the mother of the bride as we hurried off the ferry to escape the December wind. She drove us through the quaint island roads through the quiet neighborhood – visibly in hibernation by the abundance of ‘CLOSED’ signs and lack of pedestrians until the spring. We truly felt like we had been transported away from the hustle and bustle of the New London city docks as we arrived in this sleepy seaside town.

Image courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings

Image courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings

With a four-hour gap until the return ferry, we were welcomed into the family’s summer home for a warm cup of tea after visiting the reception site.

Taking a seat in their living room, we chatted about the bride’s youth spent on the island as a bartender in her parent’s Inn (The Pequot). There, she spent summers shucking oysters by the dozen and pouring dark and stormys for the sea-faring folk who anchored on the island and were lucky to discover the only watering hole on shore.

It was such a treat to be able to immerse ourselves in the story and understand the emotional attachment the family had to the island. Getting to know each couple’s story is truly one of our favorite parts of creating the perfect personalized wedding day.

Lemonade Gets Personal
We had a brief encounter with the maid of honor (the bride’s sister) on our second trip to the island, as we boarded the ferry, she was getting off for a business meeting in Westerly, RI on behalf of Fisher’s Island Lemonade – her own brand. The bride’s sister also found inspiration from her time behind the bar at the Pequot Inn where she created big batches of homemade lemonade to mix a top-selling cocktail. Taking the recipe from behind the bar to the boardroom is how she created the canned version called Fisher’s Island Lemonade that is served at many local establishments and liquor stores.

Image courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings

Image courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings

As a surprise gift to the couple on their wedding day, the maid of honor had special cans produced with a custom-label just for their special day. We just love all the details that make a bride’s day that much more personal!

A Celebration of Local Delights
As a caterer who prides ourselves on locally sourced food, we were happy to coordinate with several of our local creative partners to assemble a team for this successful wedding.

Two cakes, including a delicious chocolate pistachio torte, was brought over on the ferry by Sift Bake Shop in Mystic, CT. (If you have a chance to stop by the cute upscale bakery in downtown Mystic you won’t be disappointed by the decadent treats and amazing lattes.)

Image courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings

Image courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings

The vibrant floral displays were created by the ever-artistic Yumiko at Hana Floral, another Mystic-based business who carefully delivered all the flowers via boat.

Image courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings

Image courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings

An Event To Remember
Attempting to get 20 staff members from all over Connecticut to meet at the ferry dock early in the morning while also getting our two vehicles loaded on a different ferry dock that same morning was quite the logistical feat. It was many of our employee’s first time taking a ferry and first time visiting the Island – an experience we loved providing them with.

Months later we still reminisce about the week of the wedding, how we were checking the forecast daily, how it rained while we were on the ferry, and most importantly how much fun we all had being part of such a beautiful celebration.

Image courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings

Image courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings

We so enjoyed our time working on this Island wedding with Martha Stewart magazine and hope that by reading through our featured segment you can relive the magic too!

Written by Fiona Saluk, Event Coordinator



After 32 years in the wedding industry, you could say we’ve experienced our fair share of weddings (seriously though – we’ve seen some things).

With age comes wisdom, with wisdom comes knowledge, and while, as a catering company, our primary focus on our bride’s big day is ensuring all goes well with the food and drinks, our knowledge extends far beyond the boundaries of the kitchen.

After each weekend, we gather our team and share stories from the events, what went well and what we didn’t expect. We are constantly taking mental notes and looking for ways to improve the day for both our brides, her guests, and us! A result of all of this continuous evaluation has been the organic formulation of a list that could be titled, ‘things you don’t think you’ll need on your wedding day but will be surprised that you do’.

There’s nothing worse than realizing you forgot something you didn’t think to bring that ends up being vitally important! So here is our composite list of the things we often notice end up left behind or things the bridal party often come running to us asking for.



This may be a surprising one, not something you think to keep on hand, but is probably one of the top most requested items we’re asked for. Think of all the tags you’ll be cutting, spare threads/strings you’ll want to trim, any packages you have to open. These really do come in handy. We even had someone borrow scissors from us to cut his pants into shorts one hot July night… but that’s a story for another day.


photo: Beck McNeel Weddings

photo: Beck McNeel Weddings

I have a feeling that this past week may have been the last week that felt like Indian Summer, which is a good thing as we are still cranking out weddings like crazy, and many of them in tents.

Tents are tricky this time of year, as volatile weather changes have huge impacts – so we are scrambling for heaters, more frame tents for our field kitchens and dealing with the wind. Of course, that is what makes us great caterers! We have many years of wild and crazy things that have happened behind the scenes (I won’t frighten you!!). We will do whatever it takes to make our event seamless. We love the constant variety of clients, venues and menu; we love problem solving and improvising to make things work; we love getting to know our clients so we can hone in on their priorities… and create memories that last a lifetime.

So, back to Fall, the season of pumpkins, mums, cornstalks and Halloween. As we have done for zillions of years, we decorate the outer cookery steps and sills with the harvest of our neighbor, Lo Presti Farms. It is one of my favorite times to decorate – or was, until a few weeks ago. The lesson here is to never under-estimate the power of squirrels. Our local squirrel family has developed quite an organized system of carrying off whole butternut squash, gourds, and pumpkins. They move with such speed and grace…. they have literally chewed thru pumpkins on our step in between client appointments and love leaving a mess of seeds everywhere. So, since this battle began, I have been researching methods of natural ‘discouragement’ for them. Any tips you have for ‘saving’ your fall decor would be welcome!




Happy Earth Day to everyone! As a Certified Green caterer, we strive to “walk the walk” of being green – and we LOVE doing it!


Like most of you, we recycle our plastic, metal and paper. We grow and use all our own herbs and a lot of vegetables. We compost all our food waste and return that compost right back in the gardens. We source from local farms all around us such as; LoPresti’s, Maple Lane Farms and Full Heart Farm.


However, there are a lot of things that go into being certified green. Many of which, you can replicate at your home or place of business. Below we will share 10 items we do that we know you can too!



New Website

We are BEYOND excited to officially unveil our new look on the internet!

Thanks to the amazingly talented Patti Murphy and her Patti Murphy Designs team, AThymeToCook.com has a fresh look that fits perfectly into our vision as a company.

We started the new website project last fall and today we are filled with accomplishment and joy!

We met Patti at an industry event last summer at Stonington Vineyards and kept her card handy. She is a local artist (with the most adorable shop in the Velvet Mill in Stonington) who brought her sense of artistry to the project.

The new site’s design allows for ease of use to our current and potential clients and is filled with beautiful photography from some of the best area professionals.

Everything including our menu designing process, weddings, pop-up dinners, green certification, FAQ, team bios, featured venues, corporate events and so much more is on the site for your reading pleasure.

Please, take a look at our new little corner of the world wide web and let us know what you think!



BeFunky_angela.jpgThe true story behind any successful company stems from the people. We would like to introduce ourselves to you and let you get to know us a little better.

Spend some Thyme with Angela – our Pastry Chef.

Angela has been with ATTC over two years and her favorite part of designing a celebration is the cake…the cake…the cake!!!

One of the most unusual things she remembers from a wedding is a remembrance table to honor those who were no longer living.

Angela cannot live without salt and her favorite “guilty pleasure” snack is popcorn!



As we gear up for our Summer presentation of The TABLE on July 18th, (win 2 free tickets!) we wanted to share a little insight into how The TABLE process works.

Previously, we talked about the planning involved in creating The TABLE. This time, we are going to discuss tasks that the team need to complete in order to execute the day of.

April 11th arrived and Event Coordinator Brian and his crew headed to the Groton New London Airport to make The TABLE materialize in the main terminal.



In many major cities across the country, the idea of “pop-up” dinners – one-night-only dinners hosted at unusual locations – has become very popular. In the fall of 2013, the team here at A Thyme to Cook wanted to bring the idea to Southeastern Connecticut and make it our own.

We called it The TABLE. Being one of only two Green Certified caterers in New England, it was very important to have the pop-up dinners feature creative menus highlighting local foods. We also wanted to make a mystery of not knowing where the dinner was going to be held. We wanted the dinners to be in non-traditional locations, to keep seating limited, and to create a special experience for our guests. In the past, The TABLE has popped up at a country inn, a velvet mill, a castle and an art association.

As we gear up for our Summer presentation of The TABLE on July 18th, (win 2 free tickets!) we wanted to share a little insight into how The TABLE process works.


For the Spring 2014 event, Brian, one of our very gifted Event Coordinators, took his turn at producing The TABLE. He explored the Groton New London airport to scout one of the airplane hangars as a potential location.

Upon visiting, it became clear that the lack of heating and the faint smell of jet fuel in the air would make a hangar a less than ideal location. He worked with Catherine Young, manager of the airport, who suggested he take a look at the main terminal.

This long terminal lent itself well to The TABLE.


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