As a child, do you remember waking up on thanksgiving morning to the scent of pancakes and bacon cooking, and in the background was the turkey slowly cooking, silently making its appearance, filling the house with that delicious aroma? Eating breakfast while watching the parade, enjoying the Rockettes with their signature high kicks, the smiling Snoopy balloon, the marching bands, and the bright colorful floats while eagerly awaiting the arrival of Santa Claus at the very end of it all?

Scientists will tell you that the strongest of all our senses is scent, and odor creates scent memories. The olfactory nerve is very close to the part of the brain that is in charge of memory, so even years later a particular scent, or combination of scents, will trigger a scent memory.

A few years ago, we attended a holiday event at a colleague’s home. Everyone was asked to bring a holiday dish that they had the fondest memories for. While we were eating, everyone discussed their story about the dish. Surprisingly, not one person spoke about the food itself. All of the stories regarding the food involved a happy memory regarding their family or friends. And the food was delicious!!!!

The kitchen at A Thyme to Cook is always busy creating wonderful aromas, and now that we are heading into the holidays, it is even more amazing than ever.

Heavenly Pies, country style roasts, Hearty soups, Crusty warm breads, luxurious cakes, whipped sweet potatoes, roasted local veggies, and did we mention those heavenly pies?

Thanksgiving is a time for family, reflection and giving thanks, so as we head into the start of the holiday season take a moment to reflect on some of your favorite food memories and share them with your friends and family. They’ll thank you for it.



We came upon an interesting article about using different flavors in restaurant menus. Turns out large chains actually  hire “menu innovation” teams to keep up with trends and figure out how to incorporate them into their daily offerings. ATTC is lucky in that we don’t have to guess what our customers want- we simply ask them! Our sales team meets with each client to determine their personal preferences, favorite ingredients and style of food. We get to know our clients and determine how “food savvy” their guests might be, and in turn are able to design unique, customized menus for each event that reflect the client.

It can be a fine line between incorporating the hosts’ favorite flavors and still accommodating the palates of 150 other guests. When planning an event, be sure that guests are not going to be intimidated or offended by anything too exotic or extreme, but make sure they still have FUN!

The flavor curve shows ingredients and flavors that range from emerging, to becoming popular, to mainstream. We are always experimenting with flavors, so for us it’s exciting to see ingredients that were once obscure becoming so popular they are considered “everyday”.

So, where are you on the Flavor Curve?

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