Next July, our own Emily will be getting married. Needless to say, the office is a-buzz with ideas for her and her fiance, Brian. Over the next year, we thought it would be fun to follow her planning and experiences from her bridal point-of-view. Here is the first installment of Emily’s bridal blog….

Weddings, weddings, and more weddings! Working for A Thyme to Cook for the past nine years (both in the office and at events) has allowed me to see tons of weddings! It seems as if they are second nature to me! However, there is one wedding next July that will be unlike any other… because this time, I’ll be the bride!
Over the course of the next year, my fiancée and I get to make exciting decisions like picking out colors, rings, food, dresses, music, flowers…the list goes on! We thought we would share details of the planning process as our thoughts and ideas emerge.
One of our first decisions on our long list was choosing a photographer (of course, that was after I had an exhaustive search for a caterer….just kidding) We decided on Tim Brown, owner of TAB Photographic– a very enthusiastic photographer. We just had our engagement shoot this past month because we couldn’t wait to work with him! Although it felt awkward at first (trying to have an intimate moment while someone is watching you!), he made us feel extremely comfortable. In fact, at the end, I really didn’t mind the celebrity status! Here are some highlights from our shoot…

contact TAB Photographic tim@tabphotographic.com

Having recently returned from the CaterArts symposium in Louisville, Kentucky, I have had some time to reflect on my experiences there. I was most amazed at how fellow culinarians can truly pull together. There was a very diverse group of chefs at the conference from all areas of catering from many different places in the United States and abroad. The one thing that stands out from my experience was how my fellow chefs “step up to the plate” and help one another. Helping to prep or plate one another’s food or being thrown together with a “mystery basket” and preparing multiple items in an hour. The creativity and teamwork shown was an example to chefs everywhere.
With interesting new ideas all around me, I enjoyed lots of great food and experiences to keep my passion for food fueled. I enjoyed touring a sustainable farm that not only produces vegetables, but beef as well. My waistline is still trying to return to normal! Cocktail parties, gala dinners, regional cuisine, decadent desserts…Wow. Think sour cream ice cream, crispy fried shrimp Diablo, pork belly corn dogs, a coconut tropical fruit verine, empanadas, croquettes ahhh the list goes on and on.
But alas as much as I like to travel and experience what the culinary world has to offer it’s good to be back where I am truly happiest. In the kitchen.


This past June, I celebrated nine years with my A Thyme to Cook family. Working within a “boutique” catering company, family is the only word that I can come up with that truly describes how close we all have become. It’s a joy participating with the Event Coordinators planning their menus and events. At times I even join the party staff and work in the kitchen or as a bartender or server. Participating in this capacity has definitely given me fantastic insight about the “nuts and bolts” of executing an event. It’s a lot of hard – “go, go, go” work….but I wouldn’t give it up for anything. I enjoy wearing all of the hats that I do.

Prior to entering into the catering business, I enjoyed years in the great big world of retail. Although retail has become a tiny part of my life, it set the stage for the social interaction here at A Thyme to Cook.

Some stuff that makes me happy: Being a “mother” of three cats – Chester, Nicholas and Jack keep me very busy. Summer solstice begins the season when I can play in my amazing vegetable garden. Tulips are my favorite flower, bike riding for miles and miles is my go to exercise, the ocean and cooking brings peace and my continuing love- hate relationship with bowling!


The team is off to Sullivan University in Luoisville Kentucky again this year for CaterArts, a conference produced by the International Caterers Association (ICA)…..a unique learning journey with top chefs from across the country. From August 8 to 11 they’ll be attending classes taught by the best in the business.

Our own Executive Chef Shawn Bittman kicks off the week leading a morning session “Breakfast and Learn! Rise and Shine to Breakfast Profits.” With hands-on demonstrations, farm to table dinners, Lunch and Learn sessions and Special Presentations, this year is even bigger and better!

Check out more information and registration info HERE.


I constantly give myself the license to explore a new path and indulge in something different. Go ahead – Be Creative.

I have over 12 years experience as Marketing and Communications Services Manager for a product design firm in New York City and then returning to Southeastern Connecticut to operate my own retail, floral and event planning business. My past experiences have proven beneficial as well as a natural progression to the world of event planning and catering with A Thyme to Cook. I am dedicated to assisting our clients with an unwavering commitment throughout the process. In addition, I pride myself on being detail-oriented in coordinating all of your wedding or special event needs. My creative eye is another asset to our clients, enabling me to expertly assist in the creative set up of each function.

In my spare time, I enjoy volunteering for various local causes, antiquing, gardening (my serenity), and spending time with my family and friends.

I have worn a lot of different “hats” while working at A Thyme to Cook since 2001 – from serving food, to loading trucks, to helping with photo shoots! But now, most of my time is spent as an Event Floor Captain, Party Manager, or Office Assistant. I love being able to see the behind-the-scenes planning at the “cookery” translate into beautiful celebrations!

Outside of the cookery, my time is spent spoiling my two nephews whom I adore! I am also busy working on my own wedding plans as I am newly engaged – the numerous weddings I have seen will surely be an inspiration! In the mix of it all, I am in the process of completing my Master’s in School Counseling and decorating my new home.
The ATTC team with our friend Pauline Parry from Good Gracious! Events.
The ATTC Team got to mingle and share experiences with caterers from around the world during a jam-packed week of education and experiences. This year, not only were we attendees, but educators! Linda presented a 75-minute seminar on “25 Years and 25 Things We Have Learned the Hard Way”; and Gina did several short demonstrations – “Hot Rocks are a Cool Station” in the X-perience Room. Linda was also an “Expert” at the “Ask the Experts” luncheon and a presenter for the International Catering Association CATIE awards. Chef Shawn and Chef Bill got to go on a tour of the kitchens at Caesar’s Palace….gorgeous kitchens and a unique sneak peek at what goes on behind-the-scenes.

While we did not receive any CATIE awards this year, it was an honor to be nominated three times amongst some incredible caterers. We were runners-up to South Africa, Toronto, and California. We did receive some other recognitions – Linda was sworn in to the International Catering Association as Membership Chair; and Gina received the ICA Service Star Award.

Some other highlights:
Live champagne chandelier; a new take on S’Mores; personalized crisps; Mango Mousse with Meringue Sticks and “Pop Rock” Surprise!

The education was enlightening….the events were inspiring and we are all energized and re-charged for the 2010 season!

Our Inspiration to Reality Shoot – Ampearsand – is live on Style Me Pretty today!

We had such a blast working with such cool vendors! Thank you to all……

INVITATIONS: Stonington Paperie

It was a very cold whirlwind of a day…..but just look how it turned out!

Thank you Style Me Pretty!

Some of our wedding couples taste testing cake. Hailey & Randy – 9.18.10; and Alexis and Adam – 6.19.10

Wrapping up our Annual Cake Tasting Week today! Visions of Chocolate Ganache, Carrot Cake and Lemon Buttercream have been dancing in our heads all week!

The traditional wedding cake is still the most popular choice for a wedding; however, cupcakes are still making an appearance! Especially decked out in unique liners – check out some great ones at Layer Cake.

Buttercream to fondant; sugar flowers to polka dots or stripes! Our brides & grooms are very creative! They are finding inspiration in art, fashion, nature and architecture……we have some spectacular sweets planned for 2010!

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