Mystic Art Center was decked out in crisp black and white for Kate Johnson and Zak Kolsky’s Wedding on June 13th. Beautiful orchid/candlelight centerpieces provided the perfect amount of color and light to the room as to not take away from the art exhibit. Leather couches, bistro tables and cocktail tables on the terrace provided comfortable seating with a water view.

Guests were greeted with a “Raspberry Sparkler,” named in honor of the couples 4th of July proposal. Some highlights of cocktail hour include Demitasse Cups of Lobster Bisque with Fresh Chervil, Lotus Root Chips with Seared Tuna and Wakami and a Mediterranean Station. A served meal followed with a paired plate of Seared Local Bomster Scallops with Cucumber, Scallion, Chili Ginger Salsa and Sarawak Pepper Crusted Medallion of Beef Tenderloin with Black Olive Vinaigrette. After dinner, a cheese sampler was presented featuring local Cato Corner Farms cheeses and local honey. The square tiered wedding cake was elegantly dressed with black satin ribbon around each tier and scattered orchids. As a late night treat, a made to order Pizza Station was brought out on the terrace. The Scotch and Cigar Bar was a big hit as guests finished the evening under the stars.

A Thyme to Cook was happy to work with the following collaborative team:

Tent and Table Rental – Liberty Rentals

China and Chair Rental – Rentals Unlimited

Bar Beverages – Cask & Keg

DJ – Power Posse Productions

Photographer – Ken LePardo

Florist – Adam’s Garden of Eden

Wedding Cake – Torra Dolce


How cool is this….eco-friendly alcohol!

We are excited to offer this new “green” liquor
from TRU Organic Spirits.

Some of what makes TRU “green” include:

Recyclable plastic corks;
Biodegradable labels of corn-based paper with soy ink;
Distilled from organic wheat;
The 620 gram bottle weighs less that your average booze bottle – which burns less fuel in transit!
TRU-ly Organic!!!


Linda and Steve took their annual trip to Gilberties Herb Gardens in Easton, CT for this season’s crop of herbs. Doug, our resident gardener is busy planting today!
Gilberties Herb Gardens have been growing for over 85 years with over 400 kinds of herbs available this year. They use 100% organic fertilizer and are 100% pesticide free…..maybe that is why they are the best herbs in the world!

Highlighted in this years A Thyme to Cook garden include Horehound, Evening Primrose, Silver Thyme, Lovage, Mountain Mint, African Blue Basil, Red Bush Basil and Pineapple Sage. You are sure to see them on your menus!! Our chefs literally step out the door to pluck what they need to ensure the freshest flavor.

If you are near Easton, swing by Gilberties – walking through their green houses is quite an experience!


There couldn’t be a better time to start our ongoing posts about going green! We all know it ain’t easy being green, but every little thing you do will help create a more sustainable world for us all to live in. Think of it as “Shades of Green.” These posts will share some Eco-Smart Choices…start small and before you know it, you’ll be ready to take on the “greenest” challenges.

Shades of Green #1

Minimize your consumption of bottled water. Save your money!

Always drink tap water at home. Get your water tested and install a filter if necessary.

Eliminate all bottled water. Purchase and carry a reusable bottle filled with tap water.

Get Active….sign up for Clean Water Action’s email activist list at www.cleanwateraction.org and check out www.cleanwaternetwork.org for updates and opportunities for taking action to help your water supply.


Linda: Italian as it has the most variety and freshness—from tomatoes and capers in Naples, pappardelle with boar and beans in Tuscany, truly aged parmesan, lardo (yes , there is such a thing) and horse—which was one of the finest meats I have ever consumed )in Parma, Squid, octopus and treviso in Venice, speck and Lagrein wine in Alto Adige—-I think I need a fix—-desperately-

Gina: I would pick Italian…..well, “Americanized” Italian (I don’t like rabbit that much!). Give me pasta any day, although I would probably have a year of heartburn with all the tomato sauce!

Lori: Hors d’oeuvres – A year of snacking…mmmmm

Alicia: Definitely Italian – pasta and bread, how can you go wrong??? But there’s so much more to Italian than that…antipasto, braciole, roasted peppers – too many things to name…yum!!!

Emily: ….I would have to pick Thai cuisine – yum! The stir-fry possibilities are endless, but I am definitely partial to Pad See Ew. There is something about the rice noodles, garlic, and sweet soy sauce that I can’t pass up!

Chef Shawn: Bacon—it makes everything taste better!

Chef Bill: Lean Cuisines. Love it!

Joe: American. I live on hamburgers.

Jesus: Mexican, Yo lo como todo el tiempo de todos modos!


Just returned from the Eastern CT Chamber of Commerce’s Business After Hours at the Coast Guard Alumni Center. A very pretty site for events overlooking the Thames River – too bad it was raining tonight!

As one of the participating caterers, and in honor of April Fool’s Day, we thought we’d bring out our “Head Table” for the night.

Brian, our featured head for the evening, welcomed guests as they realized things aren’t always as they seem…..

Sweet = Savory
with a Curried Chicken Kiddie Cone with Red Pepper Sprinkles
Savory = Sweet
with our CATIE Award Nominated Spaghetti and Truffles –
Chocolate Truffles and Sweet Spaghetti on a Silver Fork with Raspberry Coulis Sauce.

Other caterers sharing their nibbles included: Flanders Fish Market, who had yummy bruschetta and seafood tortillas; Mike from Aspen Restaurant with Seared Tuna on a Wonton Crisp with Micro Greens and Wasabi and Peppercorn Turkey and Boursin wrapped Asparagus; and Cloud Nine with Honey Mustard Kielbasa and Pumpkin Bread with Mango Cream Cheese (delish – I had 2!) Chef Tim Grills from Catering to You was cooking up a loaded Pasta Bar to order; and Tim from Gourmet Galley was serving up Shrimp and Grits…he has to work on his southern accent a bit, but the Sweet Southern Tea made up for it with the shot of Southern Comfort!

Thank you to the Chamber and Sue Fage at the Alumni Center for letting us participate!


We were very excited to collaborate with White Dress by the Shore and Stonington Design + Paperie for a special book signing reception on March 21st.

Acclaimed author and event designer Michelle Rago’s new book, Signature Weddings, was featured as the beginning of an ongoing event , “Be Engaged – a series of conversations with wedding experts,” hosted by The White Dress by the Shore. The kick-off event was attended by vendors and event planners from Connecticut to New York.

To really WOW everyone, we put our creative heads together and put our thinking caps on……which are made of food, of course! We literally made hats out of fresh produce for our staff to wear. It was a bit of trial and error…which was fun. (The kale looked like a hairstyle from the 70’s!) Here are the three that made the cut: Radishes; Artichokes; and Key Limes.

We also thought outside of the box for the uniforms. A list of hors d’oeuvres was printed on the front of t-shirts and a little “Eat Me” button moved up and down to show what was being served.

We can’t wait to enter this event in the 2009 CATIE Awards as part of the Best use of Food as Decor Category.


Last week was Cake Tasting Week at the Cookery and we are just coming off the sugar rush! Our bakers prepared a sampling of wedding cakes and 74 brides & grooms and moms & dads came to taste the sweet confections. Any guesses on the most popular flavor?

The top two cakes flavors selected were Chocolate Mocha with Chocolate Ganache and Kahlua/Amaretto Marble with Chocolate Filling. Red Velvet and Butter Almond were a close 3rd and 4th.

We have some very creative brides! Most of the cakes will be original masterpieces designed by the bride & groom. The perfect way to add a personal touch to their wedding day.

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