When a couple is this much in love, it really shows throughout their entire day. Annie and Custer were a joy to collaborate with, from the very first meeting through their final goodbyes and it created a magical evening.

These amazing shots by Maggie Conley only tell half the story of what a great night it was at Jonathan Edwards Winery.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Maggie Conley Photography
CATERING: A Thyme to Cook
VENUE: Jonathan Edwards Winery
FLORAL: Hana Floral Design
HAIR: Kathryn W. Salon
MAKEUP: Jennie Fresa Beauty



Have you picked up a copy of the Spring 2017 edition of Martha Stewart Real Weddings yet? If you casually flip to page 112 you’ll find the fabulous wedding out on Fisher’s Island that A Thyme To Cook was lucky enough to cater!

We anxiously awaited the release of the issue and our very own President, Linda, was practically skipping to the mailbox the whole week it was estimated to arrive. We just about ripped open the package when it finally got here and read through the article and then flipped back to the first page and read it again.

Image courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings

Image courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings

It was wonderful to relive the day while reading the magazine and to see it captured in such beautiful photos from the Martha Stewart crew. We love being a part of a wedding that is featured nationally for brides-to-be, and it truly always makes us giddy to appear in print.

A Boat Ride to Remember
The wedding was a unique one, for sure, in that Fisher’s Island is only reachable by ferry. We ventured out there not once, not twice, but three times to get a feel for the site, the space, and the logistics of working with vendors on ‘island time’. Let me tell you though – venturing to the island in the winter was no simple feat.

With a limited ferry schedule and no transportation on the island, our chariot awaited in the form of a pick-up truck driven by the mother of the bride as we hurried off the ferry to escape the December wind. She drove us through the quaint island roads through the quiet neighborhood – visibly in hibernation by the abundance of ‘CLOSED’ signs and lack of pedestrians until the spring. We truly felt like we had been transported away from the hustle and bustle of the New London city docks as we arrived in this sleepy seaside town.

Image courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings

Image courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings

With a four-hour gap until the return ferry, we were welcomed into the family’s summer home for a warm cup of tea after visiting the reception site.

Taking a seat in their living room, we chatted about the bride’s youth spent on the island as a bartender in her parent’s Inn (The Pequot). There, she spent summers shucking oysters by the dozen and pouring dark and stormys for the sea-faring folk who anchored on the island and were lucky to discover the only watering hole on shore.

It was such a treat to be able to immerse ourselves in the story and understand the emotional attachment the family had to the island. Getting to know each couple’s story is truly one of our favorite parts of creating the perfect personalized wedding day.

Lemonade Gets Personal
We had a brief encounter with the maid of honor (the bride’s sister) on our second trip to the island, as we boarded the ferry, she was getting off for a business meeting in Westerly, RI on behalf of Fisher’s Island Lemonade – her own brand. The bride’s sister also found inspiration from her time behind the bar at the Pequot Inn where she created big batches of homemade lemonade to mix a top-selling cocktail. Taking the recipe from behind the bar to the boardroom is how she created the canned version called Fisher’s Island Lemonade that is served at many local establishments and liquor stores.

Image courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings

Image courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings

As a surprise gift to the couple on their wedding day, the maid of honor had special cans produced with a custom-label just for their special day. We just love all the details that make a bride’s day that much more personal!

A Celebration of Local Delights
As a caterer who prides ourselves on locally sourced food, we were happy to coordinate with several of our local creative partners to assemble a team for this successful wedding.

Two cakes, including a delicious chocolate pistachio torte, was brought over on the ferry by Sift Bake Shop in Mystic, CT. (If you have a chance to stop by the cute upscale bakery in downtown Mystic you won’t be disappointed by the decadent treats and amazing lattes.)

Image courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings

Image courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings

The vibrant floral displays were created by the ever-artistic Yumiko at Hana Floral, another Mystic-based business who carefully delivered all the flowers via boat.

Image courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings

Image courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings

An Event To Remember
Attempting to get 20 staff members from all over Connecticut to meet at the ferry dock early in the morning while also getting our two vehicles loaded on a different ferry dock that same morning was quite the logistical feat. It was many of our employee’s first time taking a ferry and first time visiting the Island – an experience we loved providing them with.

Months later we still reminisce about the week of the wedding, how we were checking the forecast daily, how it rained while we were on the ferry, and most importantly how much fun we all had being part of such a beautiful celebration.

Image courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings

Image courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings

We so enjoyed our time working on this Island wedding with Martha Stewart magazine and hope that by reading through our featured segment you can relive the magic too!

Written by Fiona Saluk, Event Coordinator


By: Fiona, Event Coordinator


In the New England wedding industry, it’s no secret that summer is our busy season. We are creating memories every weekend from May to October and are constantly on the go. Winter is when we take time to relax, refresh, and regroup! (I think it’s safe to say we have things we love and hate about both summer and winter)

Here at A Thyme To Cook we’ve been spending our winter revising our menu ideas, exploring new wedding trends, and chatting with our future brides about their hopes and dreams for their big days this year!

Now that spring is in the air  (Can you believe it’s March? I still can’t believe it myself!) we get to experience that wonderful feeling of waking up to 55 degree weather, walking outside to see the little green bulbs peeping out of the ground, and hearing the birds sing good morning.

This Sunday was no exception as everyone who made it to the Wadsworth Wedding Show got to experience a beautiful sunny drive to the Middletown mansion.



It’s time for our Second Episode!

In Episode Two we chat with Robert Norman, of Robert Norman Photography. He visited the cookery and did some AMAZING new food shots for us and then sat down to chat.

Robert shared how he got started in the business, his favorite things to capture, thoughts on Instagram, digital vs film and tips for what a wedding couple should look for in their photographer. He also chats about his love for the World’s Fair and a recent trip to Hong Kong.

Of course, we put Robert through the 5 rapid-fire questions of Quick Thyme, too!

Photo of the Photographer

Photo of the Photographer

The A Thyme to Chat Podcast features our host Keith, chatting with event industry experts who offer up tips and trends for entertaining. From throwing the perfect Super Bowl party to thinking about the big day of your wedding – we’ll cover it all.



PicMonkey Collage2

We are always extremely honored that a happy couple would invite us to be a part of their special day. In the process, we have the privilege of working alongside some of the very best in the industry to help create the perfect celebrations for those saying “I Do”.

Often, we mention our admiration for photographers, however, we cannot over-stress the timelessness of their work. Memories carved in time and there for us to share and look back on.

As our 2015 Wedding “Season” continues to drive along through the Fall, we wanted to take pause and spotlight some of the amazing couples, venues and, of course, photographers from last few years.


Sarah & Jonathan Photo Courtesy: Leslie Dumke Studios White Gate Farm

Sarah & Jonathan
Photo Courtesy: Leslie Dumke Studios
White Gate Farm



Every wedding is unique. Here at A Thyme to Cook we strive to make sure of that. However, for every little couple-specific touch, there are those tried and true wedding traditions that we see often.

Have you ever wondered where some of these traditions are based? Tossing the bouquet, bridesmaids’ dresses or having a long train – we have a list of ten popular wedding day events and the stories behind them.


The groom’s right-hand man on the big day comes from a time when the groom really needed backup. In ancient times, a prospective groom would invade neighboring villages and literally ‘take’ the woman he wanted for his bride.

Not wanting to go it alone, the future husband of the year would bring the biggest, strongest, ‘best’ man he could find to help fight off the family of his new bride.

In other history, it was popular to attack Brides for luck (more on this below). The Best Man was tasked with escorting the bride down the aisle to protect her.

And we all thought it was just to throw the bachelor party and make a toast!

himym best man


Curious the basic steps to planning your big day? We’re here to help with some basic steps in the process. The most important thing to planning your wedding – it should be FUN!

Click for LARGER Version

Click for LARGER Version

You can click HERE for our Wedding Planning Checklist.


While the temperature keeps dropping and we spend our days dodging snowstorms, we are looking forward to summer and weddings and wedding cake.

“How can you be unhappy in a building full of wedding cake?” This was one of the great things said by one of our summer brides  at our cookery this past Saturday, sampling a multitude of delicious cakes at our “cake Day” celebration.

With 2014 trends leaning toward ruffled cakes, ombre cakes and metallic cakes it was a great day to show off our bakers creative skills.

Featuring two cake “bars” and a “build your own” cake sampling station, our summer brides- to- be enjoyed  Earl Grey and lavender cake, Lemon Basil Blueberry, Caramel Bourbon, Tahitian Vanilla and Raspberry, Neapolitan, Turtle, and over 45 combinations of other cakes and fillings.close up cake day

Doesn’t that sound like something you’d like to do? Well you can.

We will be reprising our cake bar this Saturday, March 8th at Bank Square Books in Mystic CT. This event, a book signing and discussion of upcoming wedding design trends features the experts and authors of THE WHITE DRESS in Color; Beth Chapman, Candice Dowling Coppola, and Carla Ten Eyck , as well as Yumiko Fletcher of Hana Floral Design. Hope to see you there!bank square books graphic


Brides and grooms are looking for ways to personalize all aspects of their weddings, and are using Etsy from the beginning (engagement rings) to middle (all wedding accessories) and end (did you know you can register for gifts on etsy?) of planning their big day. Supporting a community of artists, getting everything completely personalized, and ordering from the comfort of you laptop (or phone with the etsy app!), no wonder it’s been a growing trend!

Jewelry makes up a large portion of items on the site, many feature ethically sourced, environmentally friendly or vintage wedding rings. If you’re looking to stay green, some Etsy jewelers avoid using “conflict diamonds” and precious metals that have a large carbon footprint, and instead design with stones that are created in a lab, or recycled.

pinterest sign pic

You can find practically anything, but some of the most popular items for weddings found on etsy include; personalized high heels, cuff links, programs, cake toppers, photo booth props, monogrammed table runners, signage, favors, guest book, invitations and programs, even wedding dresses!

etsy hanger pic

Their blog contains useful information about all aspects of weddings. You can find inspiration for different wedding styles, from classic, romantic, vintage, nautical,  and find items on the site that would compliment each style. The blog even has “eatsy” articles with delicious recipes!

etsy bag

Statistics are posted each month that give you an idea of just how much the site is growing. This past May 2013 $102.9 million worth of goods were sold, that is a 56.3% increase from May 2012 and an increase of 1.2% from just the month before- (April 2013 sales were $101.7 million). Page views in the month of May were recorded at 1.37 billion! Etsy is also the most “pinned” site on Pinterest!

etsy photobooth




There are lots of wedding blogs and magazines out there, but only a select few make it onto our must read list. Southern Weddings Magazine is definitely one of them (along with the equally fantastic website and blog). If you’re in need of inspiration you can search real weddings filtered by state and even color scheme! Their “honey list” will help you narrow down your honeymoon destination possibilities with their editor approved sites. In the wedding shop you can purchase the most adorable stationery, beautifully designed with letterpress, foil stamp and printed details.

The “expert advice” series on the Southern Weddings blog contains useful information and helpful hints in all aspects of wedding planning. From tipping vendors, choosing your registry, designing invitations, even advice for a happy marriage, these gals have you covered! One of the editors, Emily Thomas may be a Southern bride at heart, but she was one of our clients for her own wedding last summer in Connecticut! Her most recent post concerns budgeting for your wedding, probably not the most glamorous topic, but definitely one of the most important. As a newlywed herself, and an expert in the industry, Emily’s advice is so good we just had to share! Below are a few of our favorites, but visit the Southern Weddings blog for the full article. Thank you Emily!

Set your budget. Thankfully, even though it’s nearly impossible to know how much the wedding in your head will cost before getting engaged and talking to vendors, it’s still possible to set your budget, because your budget should be based on the amount of money you have, not the amount of money you want to spend. In addition to tallying whatever you and your fiance will contribute, check in with both sets of parents (if they haven’t made the first move). I would recommend going into the conversation with a grateful heart and without expectations, and being thankful for any contribution they might want to make.

Prioritize your budget. Once you’ve determined the pool of money available to spend, it’s time to begin slicing it up. Start to talk with your fiance about what’s most important to you both, and start to reach out to vendors and venues with whom you’re interested in working. As quotes come in, you’ll start to see how your money might need to be allocated.

Wedding quotes can be eye-popping and confusing at first, but there are lots of articles out there that will help you understand them better (two I recommend on flowers: here and here). It also might be helpful to look at how other couples have split their budget — mine is right here, and Ruffled also runs a great series on real budgets. Also: don’t forget to calculate tips into the cost of each vendor. You can find our tips for tipping here.

Take care of your guests. We like details as much as y’all, but at some point (especially when you’re on a limited budget), it’s time to stop worrying about what your wedding will look like in photos, and start thinking about how it will FEEL to you and your guests. Sometimes, $15 worth of bug spray at a cocktail hour can be worth more than all the fancy linens and candles in the world. People will remember when you made them feel comfortable and included and welcomed, and they will also remember when they had to wait in a line or ate cold food or trek a mile to the bathroom because you didn’t want to pay for a port-a-potty. They will almost certainly forgive you for those things, because they are your dearest friends and family and they love you, but wouldn’t it be better to avoid them altogether? For us, gracious hospitality is always a budget “do.”

Remember it’s not the only party you’ll throw in your lifetime. As I was planning our wedding, every so often I’d see an idea that I really, really wanted to include… except that it didn’t fit in our budget, or it didn’t fit with the aesthetic of our day. Whenever this happened, I sat myself down and issued a reminder: this party was not the last one I would throw in my lifetime. It might be the biggest, and it might be the most expensive, but I had years of dinner parties, birthday parties, and anniversary parties ahead of me, and there would more than likely be a place to incorporate my idea of the day into one of those future bashes. This almost always talked me down from the ledge.

It’s possible to have a wedding on any budget, but it’s not possible to have any wedding on any budget. Your wedding will be gorgeous and meaningful and memorable because you two are at the center of it — blissfully happy and in love — no matter how much you spend or don’t spend. Years from now, that love and happiness is what you and your guests will remember above all else. It’s true.

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